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This Program is NOT for You, IF... 

  •   If you do not run an honest and totally ethical boat business...DO NOT INVEST IN PROGRAM
  • If you do not have high standards for customer service...DO NOT INVEST IN PROGRAM
  • If you are not willing to try new sales and follow-up methods and tactics that have been proven in the post-pandemic boat sales environment...DO NOT INVEST IN PROGRAM
Dear Motivated Boat Dealer,

     Due to the shift in buyer behavior and inventory levels, our 'Sell More Boats in 2024 and Beyond, Make More Money & Have More Fun'  training program, has been converted from a $7,500 Live training program to an On-Demand training that will return a huge ROI within weeks of implementation!

"Why Honest & Ethical Dealers 
& Sales People Are Raving !"

  • ​Discover 3-easy steps to selling any major unit that's over 180 days old
  • Proven closing sequence will deliver solid-margin boat sales like clockwork
  • ​Discover the simple email trick that will sky-rocket your online lead response rate
  • ​Maintain a healthy balance sheet with a more efficient and effective sales team on the floor
  • ​Sky-rocket your sales peoples efficiency and productivity with innovative (yet free) tool!
  • ​Even the most skeptical and negative sales person will implement this brain-dead simple email strategy that delivers sales like a vending machine!
  • Flexible and ​On-Demand training format can be consumed in a single 5-hour session or broken up into bit-sized modules during weekly sales meetings 
  • Hold strong margins (even in this market) with a unique pricing presentation based on extensive phycological research 
  • ​Discover the biggest missed opportunity even experienced sales people miss that makes every boat sale harder.  And, the 7 word phrase that will have your prospects ready to pull out their wallet when its time to close.

What You Get with Your Investment

  • 5-Hour On-Demand Video Sales Training Available 24/7/365 on Member's Only Website
  • Easy to Consume Video Modules, many dealers watch at a team during weekly sales meetings
  • 20-Page Downloadable PDF Fast Action Guide to engage with training
  • Monitoring of Individual Sales People's engagement with the training
  • BONUS: Boat Show Sales Training... if you get started by Friday at 5PM ET

What Type of Sales People 
Will Most Benefit from Program?

Matt training a diverse group of 300 marine industry professionals.

New Sales Person

If you've hired a new salesperson in the past few years who hasn't been trained to close sales in a 'normal' market, now is the time.

And, if you don't have the time to train them, who will?

The Sell More Boats, Make More Money & Have More Fun Sales Training Program, made by specifically for the boating industry by a former top-producing salesperson, is your answer!

Low Margins & Poor Closing Rates

Too often, salespeople only have one closing strategy in their toolbox, DISCOUNTING!  They work the owner or GM harder than they work to build value with the future buyers, driving razor-thin margins.

Or worse, they don't ask for the sale and can only close those lay-down deals we saw during the 'pandemic boom.'  But, those days are over!  You don't have the time to train them yourself, right?

And, if you don't have the time to train them, who will?

The Sell More Boats, Make More Money & Have More Fun Sales Training Program, made by specifically for the boating industry by a former top-producing salesperson, is your answer!
Sellhorst has been the sales and marketing columnist for 
Boating Industry Magazine for past 6 years
Matt delivering training a full house of committed boat dealers in Germany.

Under Performing Salesperson

Do you have a sales team member that isn't hitting their numbers?  Someone that has the potential but just needs a little extra guidance?

But, as an owner or general manager you likely don't have the time to work with them yourself, right?

And, if you don't have the time to train them, who will?

The Sell More Boats, Make More Money & Have More Fun Sales Training Program made by specifically for the boating industry by a former top producing sales person is your answer!

"Former Top-Producing Boat Salesman
Blows Skeptical Boat Sales Team Away 
with On-Demand Sales Training"

As a former top-producing salesman at a 6-location dealership and sales and marketing expert who exclusively works in the boating industry, Matt Sellhorst's training will engage even the most skeptical salesperson.

Most dealership owners and GM's would love to bring a quality boat sales training program to their team, especially as we come off the crazy market of the past few years, right?
Lay-down deals, little negotiations and a supply shortage led to some fantastic numbers. However, it also produced some bad habits or unreal expectations for newer salespeople.

No Brainer Investment at $1,997... And, Now ONLY $997!

The only sales trainer who has actually sold boats, Sellhorst earns respect and buy-in with relatable stories mixed throughout the training.  According to past clients, it leads to higher implementation and success rates.

Because you are looking for a quality boat sales training program without signing up for an expensive monthly subscription or high upfront fee, this new on-demand training is being offered at this incredibly low one-time investment amount for a limited time.

Is This Boat Sales Training 
Right for Your Dealership?

(If you answer 'Yes' to any of the questions below, this program is for you)

  • Do you have a sales person that you don't have time to train properly?
  • Do you have a sales person that could improve their follow-up?
  • Do you have a sales person that needs to improve their closing skills?
  • ​Do you have a sales person that's only closing technique is to discount?
  • ​Do you have a sales person who doesn't understand the proper boat sales process?
  • ​Do you have a sales person that struggles to set appointments?
  • ​Do you have a sales person that needs to improve their email communication skills?
  • ​Do you have a sales person that is struggling with the more 'normal' sales environment of 2024?
  • ​Do you have a sales person that has picked up some bad habits during the 'Pandemic Boom'?
  • Do you just not have time to spend training your sales team?
  • ​Do you not trust that auto sales training or sales training from someone that's never sold a boat in their life because your team won't buy into it?​
Are You 100% Confident  
You'll Have an 
Outstanding 2023?
Another boat sales season… this could put 2019 off on an incredible start OR it could have you asking… is there something I could have done different to have a better show?
Listen, I understand, the boat show is a busy time for you… and expensive right?
  • $10,000 or more just to attend the show
  • The man hours to prepare, set up and work the show
  • 10, 12, even 14 hour days
  • Working deals, researching ACVs, trying to sell your left over models and the 19’s that are already in
  • Then, you have to break everything down and haul all your boats & everything else back home
It’s a ton of work! And, hopefully it all results in a killer show with record sales- plus 50, 100 even 200 or more quality leads to bring home with you.
But, what if it doesn’t?
Have you ever gone into a boat season with 
doubt creeping in your mind?
  • Was there something else we could have done to prepare better? 
  • Was there a smarter way to capitalize on all those prospects coming in our booth? 
  • Could I have prepared my team better for the show? 
  • What if we’d sold just a few more boats… captured a few more lead?
As you well know, a few little things can lead to a few extra sales in the boat show environment. Additional sales worth $50K, $100K maybe even $250K or more depending on the boats you sell.
Or, those opportunities could go to your competition across the aisle… lost forever.
But, here’s the good news.
You could have your best boat show ever…
You could have the training, insights and ideas handed to you on a silver platter that will deliver exactly that…
And, its super easy and 100% risk free
Let me explain:
Last year, I delivered a training program for my dealers that helped them all have killer boat shows.
Here’s just a taste of what they received:
  •  A no fail qualifying question that will make your sales people the most efficient and effective on the boat show floor… freeing them up to work with only the most likely to buy at the show. 
  • ​How about the ‘Non-Sales’ staff at your show… do they have the skills to sift and sort prospects, handling the ones they can and passing all the best quality prospect to your well trained sales people? 
  • ​How about closing techniques and capturing prospects contact information? 
You should be selling lots of boats at the show… and coming home with 100’s of leads and warm prospects to follow-up with after the show.
You’ll be given the exact phrases to say and how to say them to do just that in this incredible training.
My SPLASH dealers have invested at a minimum $5,000 to get access to this special training and based on their feedback, this single training was responsible for multiple additional sales at their boat show.
Heck, just getting one extra sale because of it would be a great investment.
So, here’s what I’ve decided to do…

Instead of the normal $997, I’m going to do something unheard of for the 1st 50 people that take action.
First, you’ll get 3 special bonuses worth another $691.00
That’s $1,688 dollars in value but you won’t have to invest that much.
Even if it was just half that amount, it would be a no-brainer decision to invest in this simple and powerful training.
But, I’ve decided to give you access for a fraction of that for a limited time.
You can get access to the Best Boat Show training available, plus the special bonuses worth $691… That’s $1,688 in value for only $297… how affordable is that?
Now, let me ask you…
What if after the show and after all that work the results are disappointing?
How could I make it even easier for you to say yes and guarantee you have your best boat show ever?
Well, I’m going to give you a full 1 year money back guarantee.

Invest in the program, use the simple techniques and strategies (that your competition wishes they had) and have an outstanding boat show.

Then, if you’re not 100% satisfied it was worth at least 10X’s what you invested, I’ll give you your money back. Plus, keep ALL the bonuses. How’s that for fair?

So, right now, click the red button and you and your entire team can be devouring this simple yet highly effective training program within minutes.

Imagine, walking into the first day of the show with the confidence knowing you did everything possible to guarantee an outstanding boat show.

Plus, you’ll have it for years to come. Before each boat show, you can review with your team.

And, all for less than… well, almost anything else you do to set up your boat show….

As a matter of fact, it will likely be the most impactful thing you do for this year’s show.
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"What Other Boat Dealers Have to Say about Matt Sellhorst and His Methods..."
"Referred to our 20-Group"
“We have been so impressed with Matt and his methods that we brought his program to our 20 Group as our best idea and told them that they should join. "
Ken Toby, General Manager
Marine Sales (Top 100 Dealer)
"Frickin' Awesome!"
“The program is awesome and we are only 3 weeks into it. It’s already helped us sell more boats. Our sales guys’ response and follow-up rates have all increased and I just love it.” 

Todd Plotnikoff, Managing Partner
Alberta Marine (Top 100 Dealer)
"Referred from Another Dealer"
“We have “We were referred from another dealer in our 20 Group, and he told us you were going to give us some really unique strategies, which you did. But, what really helped us get such a great start was the accountability – that you had us call in every week to make sure we were actually doing it.”
Melanie Clement
Lakeshore Sports (Top 100 Dealer)
"More than Just Information"
“We are not just getting valuable information and ideas but actual tools we can take home and start using in our dealership right away. That’s very unique.”

Will Massey, Owner
Custom Marine
"More Money AND More Time"
“We were of course drawn in with the claim of ‘sell more boats, make more money.’ What we didn’t realize was the stress of wearing 27 hats that comes with owning a dealership didn’t have to consume us. We not only saw more profit in our bank accounts, but we began to see we had more time and did indeed have more fun. We’ve literally been blown away with Matt and his SPLASH system ."

Matt and Lynette Santomenna
Race City Marine
About Matt Sellhorst & 
Boat Dealer Profits
Founder of Boat Dealer Profits where he and his team help honest and ethical boat dealers sell more boats, make more money and have more fun, every day.

Sellhorst is also the author of 'Boat Dealer Profits; How the SPLASH System can help you sell more boats, make more money and have more fun" & "Marine Marketing Strategies; Which ones will actually work and which ones will drain your bank account, jeopardize your margins and squash your dealerships quest for higher profits" the only two business building books specifically for boat dealers.

Matt Sellhorst is the Sales and Marketing Columnist for Boating Industry Magazine and has been featured in Soundings Trade Only as well as awarded in the "Movers and Shakers" section Boating Industry.

As an international speaker at Marine Dealer Conference and Expo, Marine Retail University, Dealer Meetings and other industry events, Sellhorst has shared the stage with other industry experts and held the stage as the Keynote.

A former top producing salesman at a 6-location dealership, Matt is now helping honest, ethical and motivated dealership owners sell more boats, make more money and have more fun by implementing proven sales and marketing strategies and tactics in their dealership.

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