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"If You're NOT Using Video to Sell Boats, You Are Losing Sales PERIOD"
Discover How to Stop losing sales because you are not using video to sell your major unit inventory
Motivated boat dealer,
If you’re not happy with your sales, the traffic in your dealership or the quality of your leads, you’re in the right place.

YouTube, Facebook Live and the right videos on your website are a must in today’s boat sales world… AND, if you ARE NOT using them… YOU ARE LOSING SALES - PERIOD. 

Research shows that over 80% of the shopping process is done online by today’s boat buyers.

80% of the Shopping Is Done Online Before They
Talk with a Sales Person!

They are shopping online without any input, expertise or salesmanship from your sales person.
They aren’t walking into your dealership so they can see what a strong service you have.

They really don’t know much at all about the boats you have for sale, other than a picture and description. (How good are your descriptions?)

Let me explain...
Your Boats And Your Dealership May Lose Out
Before You Ever Have A Chance.
Many boat shoppers won’t even walk into a showroom until they’ve narrowed down their search to a couple top choices.

You know what should scare some dealers? It seems to be getting worse and worse every year!

And without doing something different, it’ll make selling boats the traditional way harder and harder.
Is Your Showroom Traffic Up or Down?
How has traffic in your showroom been trending for the past 10 years?
Even in the past 5 years, most dealers are seeing new walk-in shoppers slowing to a trickle. 

(How many buyer’s never walked into your showroom to speak with your sales person because they didn’t think your boats were right for them without ever talking with a sales person.)

Ever Wonder Why They Aren’t Walking Into The Showroom Like They Did In 1996?
Because they don’t need to.
They are scared to walk in to a showroom and get ATTACKED by a ‘fast talking sales person.’
(Based on research, they are scared that’s what will happen. So they do everything they can behind a computer and key board avoiding those annoying sales people).

Then and only then will they walk through the front doors to make sure that’s the right boat for them and to negotiate on price. Or they’ve at least narrowed it down to 2 or 3 boats.

No more going out on a Saturday afternoon to shop all the dealers in the area, finding a really helpful sales person and buying a boat mainly on that relationship and expertise.

They Are Armed To Negotiate Too!

And, that part is a tough one… because they’ve been all over the internet and have seen the ‘Nationally Advertised Price’ of the cheapest boat in your category and that’s their baseline for what their boat should cost.

You’ve likely noticed more price shopping and maybe even shrinking margins, right?

So, How Do You Build Value In 
Your Dealership And The Boats You Sell if They Aren't 
Talking with Your Best Sales Person?
How can those boat shoppers build any value in your dealership or the boats you sell with a bunch of pictures and a description?

Heck, with a picture and description, it can be hard to tell difference between the entry level model and the high-end luxury model. Especially for today’s boat buyers.

So, what’s the answer?

V-I-D-E-O !

And, not just any videos… Videos that Lead to Solid Margin Boat Sales!

Simple enough, but how do you even get started?
All the equipment, the expertise and editing software.

You’re a boat expert, not Stephen Spielberg.

And, if you’re like most dealers, you’ve considered doing videos but that’s all the farther it goes because it’s too complicated.

Maybe you did do a few videos. I’ll bet you didn’t have much success. Or, didn’t have the success you should have.

How do I know this?

Because There Is A Wrong Way And An EZ Way To Sell Boats with Video.

Discover the EZ Way to Sell Boats with Video

Here’s the good news. You’ve just discovered the Easy Way to Sell Boats with Video!
My clients and I have been using videos to sell boats (from $10K used boats, $50K pontoons, $500K center consoles to million dollar yachts) since 2009.

As a matter of fact, video was the main tool many of our top dealers have used to boost their lead flow, boat sales and margins!

Popular video marketing system updated for 2020.

The Ninja Video Marketing System originally came out in 2014 and dealers all over the US and Canada invested as much as $2997 for the program.

This Ninja Video Marketing System Puts 
More Quality Leads In Your Boat Dealership 
And Higher Margin Sales In The Books!

In it, you get an EZ step by step road map to dominating your market place using nothing but a cell phone, internet access and the major unit inventory you have to sell.  

The Magic Method Makes Your Videos 
24/7 Lead Generating Machines For Your Sales Team.

In this powerful and easy to implement program, you’ll discover:
  • The best equipment to use that won’t cost you an extra dime
  • ​The must have video for your website that will improve the quality of every lead you generate
  • ​How to get started even if you’ve never even watched a video before
  • ​How to use the power of Youtube to own the internet search in your local market area driving tons of local leads
  • ​What are the right videos that actually sell boats 
  • ​The number one mistake most dealers make when using video and how to avoid it with little to no extra effort
  • ​How to double your leads with high quality prospects with a cell phone, a piece of inventory and 17 minutes a day
  • ​Plus, you’ll receive 3 valuable bonuses to help you in this current time of crisis (and, for years beyond)
Many dealers have invested over $2,900 to get this information since 2014 (and, your program has been updated with all the new discoveries and best practices over the past 6 years).

And, because of the COVID-19 Lock-Down you will receive an ENORMOUS discount!

The Ninja Video Marketing System is delivered in simple, plain English that anyone can follow.

One client who was a 73 year old dealership owner, put the information to work and now has leads flowing into their 7 person dealership. And, videos he did 4 years ago are still driving new leads today. It’s like a snowball effect.

After just a few weeks into the program, he shared they sold a 75K tri-toon because of the videos we helped him with. Said it was one of the easiest sales he’s ever made.

And, The Same Will Happen For You… If You Take Action!

Sure, you could figure everything out for yourself… but how much time would you waste?
How many mistakes would you make?

How much would it cost you if you lost even one sale?

Instead, Follow The Path Others Have Paved And Start Getting Results FASTER!

Matt Sellhorst is the expert in using online video to sell boats and can make you the dominate player in your market area, owning the internet being everywhere boat shoppers are looking BEFORE they even consider walking into a dealership or boat show.

Plus, discover the one video that when on your website will make every prospect want to walk into your dealership.

Will make every sale you make just a little easier. Make every negotiation simpler.

Iron Clad No-Strings, Money Back Guarantee to You!

As with all of our programs, it is 100% guaranteed with my Iron Clad No-Strings, Money Back Guarantee!

Invest in the program and if you are not 100% happy with your investment for any reason (very unlikely if you are serious about success in your dealership and implement) then, just ask for a fast and friendly refund. No hassle, no rig-a-ma-ro!

Here's Just Some of What You Get...
Efficient & Effective
You'll discover the simple and easy way to sell more boats with video and it only takes 17 minutes a day, a smart phone and the boat you want to sell.  Its so easy, any sales, marketing or dealership employee can do it!
Quality Leads
You'll discover the right way to do EZ videos that generate a steady flow of quality leads without any special skills, equipment or extra expense.
Dominate Google Search
Online video ranks higher in the Google Search engine than almost any other content.  The Ninja Video Marketing System hands the keys to the castle to you on a silver platter so more online boat shoppers will find you and your dealership... AND, be drawn to you so you can get face to face with more boat buyers.
Sell More Boats
The bottom line question is... will this training help you sell more boats?

The answer... YES!

Because so many other dealers have implemented this exact system in their dealerships and achieved outstanding results!

Plus, so much more that will knock you and your team's shoes off... and, result in a 
a FLOOD of quality leads 
and MORE boat sales!
So, what about those bonuses you ask?

You’ll receive 3 special bonuses when you invest and start selling more boats with EZ video.

Only the first 50 that invest will receive this free bonus training ($97 value)
Bonus #1: 
"The Multiplier Effect" ($97)
Do you have a sales person or even manager that doesn't understand the real cost of discounting?  Always working you more to discount the price than selling the prospect on the true value you provide?

Then, this bonus video is for you.
Only the first 50 that invest will receive this free bonus training ($497 value)
Bonus #2: 
"Boat Sales Success Coaching Program" ($497)
With the increase of new leads coming in with your successful new video marketing plan, its important to have your sales staff in game ready condition. This boat sales success program has been raved about by Top 100 Dealers, international dealers and small family owned dealership because of the simplicity & effectiveness.

The foundational ideas delivered in these powerful coaching calls will turn your good sales people into great ones and make your great sales people even better.

Other dealers have invested $497 for these coaching calls alone and they are yours as a special bonus when you invest in the Ninja Video Marketing System Today!

Only the first 50 that invest will receive this free bonus training ($497 value)
Bonus #3:
How to Sell Boats with Facebook Live ($497)
This advanced training focuses 100% on using Facebook Live video to sell more boats, generate more leads and drive more service business to your dealership.

You’ll discover step by step details on how to get involved in the Facebook Live revolution. The dealers that are using this feature are showing up in their clients and prospects feeds at a rate 1,400% more than those using traditional Facebook posts (images, text and non-live video).

This program should sell for $497 on its own, but because of the Coronavirus impact on the boating industry, you’ll receive it free when you invest in the Ninja Video Marketing System today!

Value of All 3 Bonuses: $1,091.00
This discounted offer will go away at the end of the month and will go back to the regular price of $997.
Take action today and get started with the EZ way to sell boats with video; The Ninja Video Marketing System.

How to Get Even More Hands On Guidance…
60-Days One-on-One Support

If you’re someone that would like a little extra support, you can upgrade to the 60 days of one-on-one personal coaching with Matt Sellhorst.

We will talk every other week on a coaching call for 2 months as you get started with your video marketing program.

This option is for you if you are interested in:

1. Accountability – If you get busy and fall behind on new initiatives, these coaching calls are necessary. Knowing that I’ll be waiting to see what you’ve accomplished since our last call will keep you moving forward until its habit to use video as your #1 sales and lead generation tool.

2. Coaching - My expertise combined with your specific situation. Having the coaching calls will allow us to talk about your business and how to tailor different sections with the uniqueness of your dealership.

Break Thru Results!

Often, these calls will provide a break-thru for the dealership as a whole because the conversation starts with video and then we discover a powerful way to mix video marketing and your current marketing strategy together in a much more advanced methods that will have major impacts on your sales and margins for years to come.

"What Other Boat Dealers Have to Say..."
"Referred to our 20-Group"
“We have been so impressed with Matt and his methods that we brought his program to our 20 Group as our best idea and told them that they should join. "
Ken Toby, General Manager
Marine Sales (Top 100 Dealer)
"Frickin' Awesome!"
“The program is awesome and we are only 3 weeks into it. It’s already helped us sell more boats. Our sales guys’ response and follow-up rates have all increased and I just love it.” 

Todd Plotnikoff, Managing Partner
Alberta Marine (Top 100 Dealer)
"Referred from Another Dealer"
“We have “We were referred from another dealer in our 20 Group, and he told us you were going to give us some really unique strategies, which you did. But, what really helped us get such a great start was the accountability – that you had us call in every week to make sure we were actually doing it.”
Melanie Clement
Lakeshore Sports (Top 100 Dealer)
"More than Just Information"
“We are not just getting valuable information and ideas but actual tools we can take home and start using in our dealership right away. That’s very unique.”

Will Massey, Owner
Custom Marine
"More Money AND More Time"
“We were of course drawn in with the claim of ‘sell more boats, make more money.’ What we didn’t realize was the stress of wearing 27 hats that comes with owning a dealership didn’t have to consume us. We not only saw more profit in our bank accounts, but we began to see we had more time and did indeed have more fun. We’ve literally been blown away with Matt and his SPLASH system ."

Matt and Lynette Santomenna
Race City Marine
About Matt Sellhorst & 
Boat Dealer Profits
Founder of Boat Dealer Profits and Boat Dealer Profits Marketing Agency where he and his team help family owned boat dealers sell more boats, make more money and have more fun, every day.

Sellhorst is also the author of 'Boat Dealer Profits; How the SPLASH System can help you sell more boats, make more money and have more fun" & "Marine Marketing Strategies; Which ones will actually work and which ones will drain your bank account, jeopardize your margins and squash your dealerships quest for higher profits" the only two business building books specifically for boat dealers.

Matt Sellhorst is the Sales and Marketing Columnist for Boating Industry Magazine and has been featured in Soundings Trade Only as well as awarded in the "Movers and Shakers" section Boating Industry.

As a speaker at Marine Dealer Conference and Expo, Marine Retail University, Dealer Meetings and other industry events, Sellhorst has shared the stage with other industry experts and held the stage as the Keynote.

A former top producing salesman at a 6-location dealership, Matt has built a rock star team that is now helping motivated dealership owners sell more boats, make more money and have more fun by implementing proven sales and marketing strategies and tactics in their dealership.

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